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Treponti Double Safety Handle Leash Blue

¥5,280 JPY - ¥5,280 JPY
Treponti Double Safety Handle Leash Blue
Treponti Double Safety Handle Leash Blue
¥5,280 JPY - ¥5,280 JPY

Lead for medium and large dogs

A leash for medium to large dogs that features a sliding control system with double handles.

The second handle slides with the dog's movements, reducing the strain on the owner's arms and shoulders.

How to use the double handle

When you want to keep the leash short, in an emergency, or when you want complete control of your dog's movements, pass your wrist through the first handle and grasp the second handle. The second handle has a sliding loop that moves with your dog's movements.

Both handles are covered with thick soft padding, so they fit comfortably in your hands.


TRE PONTI is a pet product manufacturer located in Veneto, northeastern Italy.

In order to provide a comfortable fit for any dog, we develop harnesses with different designs and concepts depending on the dog's physique and intended use.