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Q: What should I do if I want to return or exchange an item?
A. Exchanges are not possible, but returns are accepted.

Only unused items that have been tried on indoors are eligible for return.
Please note that we cannot accept items that have been tried on indoors only, but that have fur or odors, sale items, items that have been worn outdoors, items that have been washed, or items with the crotch area cut.
There is no need to contact us in advance, but please make sure to return the item to our warehouse prepaid using a tracking system such as "courier service" or "Expac".
We will process your refund once the product arrives at our warehouse and inspection is completed.
Please note that shipping and handling fees will be borne by the customer.
For details, please refer to the return application form included with the product.

Q. I made a purchase on credit. Can I return it?
A. We can accept returns even if you use other payment methods, including credit.

We will correct the credit amount. Please note that shipping costs will be borne by the customer.
For details, please refer to the return application form included with the product.

Q: I made an inquiry and ordered a product, but I haven't received an email.
A. It is possible that your order or inquiry did not reach us properly, or that you were unable to receive the confirmation email.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please make sure that your email settings allow you to receive emails from the address "", and then contact us again if you have any questions.
If you are placing an order, your order may have already been completed. Please contact customer service. In that case, it is convenient to use chat.

If you are using a carrier email service such as docomo, au, or softbank, your carrier's security settings may be configured to block users from receiving emails, or you may have set up domain-specific reception to protect against spam.
In that case, please set it up so that you can receive emails from the following domains.

Q: Can I pay later?
A. You can pay later using Payday.

Select "Pay Later" as your payment method, enter your email address and mobile phone number, then enter the four-digit verification code sent to you via SMS to complete your purchase.
Please click here for more details.

Q: Can I get a receipt?
A: Yes. When placing your order, please enter your request for a receipt in the "Order Notes" section on the cart screen.

If you request a receipt in the order notes when placing your order, we will be able to include it in the shipment of your item.
Once you have placed your order, or once you have received your item, please contact Customer Service. In that case, it is convenient to use chat.

Q: I don't know how to use my points?
A. After logging in, you can check the number of points you have and how many you can use on the cart screen.

You can check the number of points you have on the cart screen after logging in. Please note that you cannot check the number of points on your My Page.
*You can check the product after adding it to your cart.
If you use points,
1. From "Exchange points for coupons," select "Point Exchange/History." 2. Enter the number of points you would like to use. 3. Select "Exchange points for coupons."
Then select "Apply" to proceed to the payment screen.

Q: How do I use a coupon?
A. The way the birthday coupon is used differs from other coupons.

If you have a birthday month coupon, the coupon code will be automatically displayed when you place your order. Please enter the coupon code in the "Coupon Code" field.
If you have any other coupons (codes), please enter the coupon code directly into the "Order Notes" field on the cart screen.
*If you have multiple accounts, you can only use one of them. If you register with the same customer information, you will be merged with an existing customer.