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Features and care instructions

Commitment to Alpha Icon (water repellent and waterproof) fabric and functionality.

What is water repellency?
The action of water rolling down the surface of the fabric (repelling)
*Water repellency refers to the ability to repel water, and does not mean not getting wet.

Water resistant and water repellent function (applicable products: double full dog guard, full dog guard, etc.)

The durable water repellent treatment used on the Full Dog Guard is ``200 washes/5 grade (highest rating of 5 grade)'', which is the highest level of durable water repellent finish for knit products.
At ALPHAICON, we designed our products from the perspective of dog lovers who wash their clothing every time they wear it, so that it can be used for a long time without losing its water repellency by applying this highest level of water repellent treatment.
*The standard for water-repellent clothing from general outdoor manufacturers is *20 washes and 80 points.

What is waterproofing?
Waterproof means that water does not pass through to the back of the fabric.
*Waterproof means "performance that does not allow water to pass through."

Waterproof function (applicable products: rain dog guard, snow dog guard, etc.)

The Rain Dog Guard and Snow Dog Guard are made of Cytos, a 3-layer stretch material that is waterproof, water repellent, windproof, and breathable.
It has excellent waterproofness with a water pressure resistance of 20,000mm and up, and moisture permeability of 8,000g*, and uses an excellent waterproof and breathable fabric that prevents rain and water from entering from outside and allows internal water vapor to escape. . *JIS L1099 B-1 method

How to care for water repellent products

In order to maintain and fully utilize the performance of the product, it is necessary to maintain it according to our instructions. Please note that if you do not follow the instructions, the performance of the product may be significantly impaired.
*When washing, be sure to close the Velcro or zipper on the back firmly to avoid damaging the surface of the fabric.

■For washing machines

Regardless of whether it is a neutral or slightly alkaline laundry detergent, detergents that contain fabric softeners may damage the original properties of the fabric, so please check in advance and choose carefully. If laundry detergent remains on the fabric, it will impair its water repellency, so be sure to rinse thoroughly. Please do not follow the instructions for washing by hand, gentle cycle, wool cycle, etc. written on the laundry detergent, but instead specify the standard cycle. It will be more effective if you rinse once more.
*When washing with other laundry, be sure to use a laundry net.

■When washing by hand

If you simply wash with water without detergent, dirt and oil will remain on the fabric, impairing its water repellency. Be sure to use laundry detergent, do not follow the washing instructions listed on the laundry detergent, press wash instead of rubbing, and rinse thoroughly using a strong dehydrator (using a dehydrator). If you are outdoors and do not have a dehydrator, please rinse thoroughly.

How to maintain water repellent products

ALPHAICON dog wear has a highly durable water-repellent finish. Water repellency that has temporarily decreased due to friction and dirt during use, long-term use, or repeated washing can be restored with proper care.
*If the product deteriorates due to frequent use or washing, it may not recover.

If the product's water repellency has weakened, set the iron near the boundary between low and medium temperatures (110 degrees to 120 degrees) and iron it gently and slowly without applying pressure to the fabric to restore its original water repellency. Hydropower can be restored.
*The washing instructions indicate that it cannot be ironed, but if you follow the instructions above, there will be no damage to the fabric.
*The product may shrink slightly due to heat, but once it shrinks, it will shrink less after that.
*If the water repellency is no longer restored even after using it for a long time and ironing it, you can use a commercially available water repellent.

About the crotch cut function

Some models of ALPHAICON dog wear are equipped with a crotch cut function.

The crotch cut means that coveralls usually have a large opening in the stomach area to make it easier for boys to defecate. However, ALPHAICON believes that the areas that boys and girls want to cover are different.

Therefore, we have made a double layer around the stomach area, which tends to get dirty when walking. A girl's dog can be used as is, while a boy's dog can be cut with scissors to suit its position. (Utility model registration No. 3162137)