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SHOWTECH pin brush

¥5,720 JPY - ¥5,720 JPY
SHOWTECH pin brush
SHOWTECH pin brush
¥5,720 JPY - ¥5,720 JPY

professional pin brush

Recommended for brushing medium and large dogs. Used by groomers all over the world, one bottle is enough for daily grooming.

A brush with a 2.5cm precision round pin on a supple silicone rubber pad.

Fix the pin with a uniquely designed pad

We use a uniquely designed pad that secures the pin and prevents the pin from sinking into the pad even if you accidentally step on it.

Since the pins are stable, even if there is a lot of hair, the pins can be inserted deep into the roots of the hair, allowing smooth brushing. It also prevents pilling on the inside when brushing.

super lightweight

Ultra-lightweight at only 73g, it is easy to use and allows you to brush without tiring your hands.

It reduces the burden on your hands even when brushing large dogs for long periods of time, and reliably removes tangles, dead body hair, dust, and dander.