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REXSPECS V2 Dog Goggles Black

¥13,200 JPY - ¥13,200 JPY
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REXSPECS V2 Dog Goggles Black REXSPECS V2 Dog Goggles Black

Does not slip easily even when moving vigorously

RexSpecs developed dog goggles based on the know-how cultivated with human goggles.
The fit is better than traditional goggles, and you can use them without worrying about them slipping or coming off.

clear lens and smoked lens

The goggles come with clear and smoked lenses.
We recommend training with clear lenses first.
In addition, by setting a mirror lens (sold separately), it can be used in environments where you want to further reduce reflections.

Each part can be adjusted and installed

First, adjust the strap to fit your dog.
Set it a little loosely at first, and be careful not to close it too tightly when you actually fit it together.
Check to see if your dog can move its mouth and jaw.
Finally, if the side strap and main strap are at a slight angle, you're done.