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PLUCK COMPACK hard pin slicker brush

¥2,970 JPY - ¥2,970 JPY

Light, compact and easy to use

The main body is very lightweight at 75g, so you won't get tired even when brushing. The pin length is 1.3cm, the total length is 18.5cm, and the total width is 8cm, making it easy to use. This makes it easier to reach hard-to-reach areas such as around the armpits.

Adopts hard type pins

Hard type pins can firmly remove matted pill without damaging the pin. In addition, the gaps between the pins are narrow and each hair is caught, allowing for efficient removal of pilling in a short period of time.

Excellent compatibility with ARTERO MIX spray

You can take care of your hair in a shorter time by using something that has the effect of removing pilling, such as ARTERO MIX spray, and brushing with this brush.