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PAWZ dog boots blue

¥2,714 JPY - ¥2,714 JPY
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PAWZ dog boots blue PAWZ dog boots blue
PAWZ dog boots blue
PAWZ dog boots blue
¥2,714 JPY - ¥2,714 JPY

Waterproof dog boots that look like bare feet

Since it does not use soles or Velcro, it is characterized by less discomfort on the feet. The fit is good, and you can feel the ground with your paws, allowing you to walk in a natural manner.

Ideal for protecting paw pads

It can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as protecting your feet from the cold on summer asphalt, sandy beaches, and snow, and protecting your feet while playing in the water. You can also protect your dog's paws from chemicals such as snow melting agents and herbicides during everyday walks.

To prevent dirt

PAWZ, which is made of natural rubber, protects not only moisture from rain and snow, but also mud and sand that gets between the paw pads, making it easy to clean after a walk or outdoors.