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RUFFWEAR フロントレンジリーシュ BSGY バサルトグレイ

¥3,300 JPY - ¥3,300 JPY
RUFFWEAR フロントレンジリーシュ BSGY バサルトグレイ
RUFFWEAR フロントレンジリーシュ BSGY バサルトグレイ
¥3,300 JPY - ¥3,300 JPY

Lightweight and durable

This is a lightweight lead that uses strong, flexible tape.

The jacquard weave is a material that is highly resistant to discoloration because the threads are woven directly into the fabric. It is also highly durable and does not easily fray.

The end of the lead uses a lightweight, durable, locking crux clip.

A simple yet functional leash

Comes with highly cushioned padded handles.

This leash has a simple and elegant design and all the features you need to keep your dog comfortable and safe.

High visibility in dark places

The reflective material makes it highly visible in low light, and it also has a traffic handle to help you quickly pull your dog back in high traffic areas or crowds.