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RUFFWEAR フロントレンジカラー RDCNY レッドキャニオン

¥2,530 JPY - ¥2,530 JPY
RUFFWEAR フロントレンジカラー RDCNY レッドキャニオン
RUFFWEAR フロントレンジカラー RDCNY レッドキャニオン
¥2,530 JPY - ¥2,530 JPY

Easy to use everyday color

Ruffwear's Front Range colors are beautiful, everyday colors with nature-inspired gradient designs.

The material used is Ruffwear's proprietary Tubelok webbing.
The thread is woven directly into the fabric, so the colors and patterns are less likely to fade, and the fabric has a lock edge finish that makes it highly durable and less likely to fray.

Uses reflective thread/Attachment for ID tags

Reflective thread is also woven into the webbing for improved visibility in low light conditions.
The ID tag attachment is located independently of the leash attachment point, allowing you to attach the leash in the correct position for comfortable use.

Front Range Series

The popular Front Range series also comes in a variety of colors, as well as the Front Range Harness and Front Range Leash, which can be coordinated with matching colors.