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LUNATEC aquabot aquabot blue

¥5,940 JPY - ¥5,940 JPY
LUNATEC aquabot aquabot blue
LUNATEC aquabot aquabot blue
¥5,940 JPY - ¥5,940 JPY


"Cooling", "Cleaning" and "Drinking" can be performed with one Aquabot.
This product was originally developed for people outdoors, but it can also be conveniently used for dogs.

Three patterns of water jet

You can choose from 3 different water output patterns: ``Mist'' and ``Stream'' by turning the spout, and ``Shower'' by removing the cap. A mist is recommended if you want to wet a wide area, and a shower is recommended to remove dirt, and a stream is the most powerful spray method.

Basic usage in 4 steps

1. Fill with water and attach the head firmly.
2. Pump and pressurize the bar on the head.
3. Turn the air outlet and select the injection method
4.Water comes out when you press the head.

*Please be careful not to apply too much pressure.
Also, if the power of the water weakens, please pressurize it again.