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Sika deer tripe jerky

¥858 JPY - ¥858 JPY

Sika deer tripe (stomach) made into jerky

Jerky made from sika deer tripe (stomach) and its contents. It has a unique scent that stimulates your dog's instincts.

Recommended points

The unique fermented smell will stimulate your dog's appetite to the fullest. Recommended as a snack for dogs whose sense of smell has declined due to aging, or for dogs whose ability to smell has diminished due to rhinitis or nasal congestion.

About venison

LUCIOLE uses [natural sika deer from Hokkaido].

Enjoy all the blessings of nature. The meat of sika deer, which are grown in nature and fed with natural foods, is lean, low in fat, low in calories, and high in nutritional value.