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Sika deer rope toy

¥1,518 JPY - ¥1,848 JPY
Sika deer rope toy
Sika deer rope toy
¥1,518 JPY - ¥1,848 JPY

Sika deer antler and rope toy

This is a toy made by drilling a hole in the antler of a sika deer and threading a thin 100% cotton rope through it. You can brush your teeth while having fun playing with your dog. The odor emitted from the deer antler stimulates your dog's desire to chew, and he or she will gnaw on it enthusiastically.

Recommended points

We have two sizes available to suit your dog. The deer antler used for the rope toy is cut in half. The deer antlers used for Rope Toy Large are unsplit. Plaque can be removed with a rope toy that is the right size for your dog.

About venison

LUCIOLE uses [natural sika deer from Hokkaido].

Enjoy all the blessings of nature. The meat of sika deer, which are grown in nature and fed with natural foods, is lean, low in fat, low in calories, and high in nutritional value.