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Sika deer liver

¥440 JPY - ¥880 JPY
Sika deer liver
Sika deer liver
¥440 JPY - ¥880 JPY

Carefully processed lever

By trimming as much excess fat and membranes as possible, and also removing oxidized blood and blood clots, we have created liver jerky that brings out the characteristics of the liver to its fullest.

We also have a lineup of small sizes that you can try more easily.

Recommended points

Because it contains a lot of iron, it is recommended for older dogs and dogs suffering from anemia. One of its characteristics is that it is low in protein, so it is also recommended for dogs who are concerned about their kidney and liver values.

About venison

LUCIOLE uses [natural sika deer from Hokkaido].

Enjoy all the blessings of nature. The meat of sika deer, which are grown in nature and fed with natural foods, is lean, low in fat, low in calories, and high in nutritional value.