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Sika deer Achilles

¥935 JPY - ¥935 JPY
Sika deer Achilles
Sika deer Achilles
¥935 JPY - ¥935 JPY

Carefully process rare parts

The Achilles tendon is a valuable part of the body that can only be harvested in small quantities from a single Sika deer. By carefully processing carefully selected Achilles, we have created a jerky that shines in golden yellow.

Recommended points

It contains a lot of protein including collagen, so it is recommended for dogs who are concerned about their skin and coat luster. It has a low moisture content and is chewy, which prevents plaque from attaching to your teeth.

About venison

LUCIOLE uses [natural sika deer from Hokkaido].

Enjoy all the blessings of nature. The meat of sika deer, which are grown in nature and fed with natural foods, is lean, low in fat, low in calories, and high in nutritional value.