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LIKER code Liker code

¥1,188 JPY - ¥1,188 JPY
LIKER code Liker code
LIKER code Liker code
¥1,188 JPY - ¥1,188 JPY

Cord that stretches moderately

The cord part has a special structure that expands and contracts by approximately 10%, so you can enjoy and smoothly pull it without applying excessive force.
The main body is made of multi-component high-molecular polymer, and it is elastic and can be chewed and played with. It is also very durable and does not easily tear or puncture.

High safety

The multi-component polymer used in LIKER is not only extremely strong and unbreakable, but also flexible. Even if your dog bites hard, it won't damage the teeth and gums, so you can play with peace of mind.

Perfect for playing in the water

It is made of lightweight and floating material, so you can have fun playing in the water. It also has an orange color that is easily visible underwater. LIKER is extremely lightweight, so you can rest assured even when playing on soft floors.