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Kelco Organic Shampoo & Conditioner Plum White Shampoo

¥5,313 JPY - ¥5,313 JPY
Kelco Organic Shampoo & Conditioner Plum White Shampoo
Kelco Organic Shampoo & Conditioner Plum White Shampoo
¥5,313 JPY - ¥5,313 JPY

Plum white shampoo recommended for dry skin

This is a 32x concentrated deep purple shampoo recommended for dogs whose skin is not moisturized and who are concerned about dandruff. To maintain glossy hair, it also contains cranberries, which contain anthocyanins, and bananas, which are rich in vitamin B6, which is essential for hair growth. Also, blueing (added when washing white items) is not used. It has a fruity scent and the color is extracted from plums, so it's safe for your dog.
component:Banana, jojoba, vitamin ADE, etc.
subject:White hair, dry hair, dark (black) hair, sensitive skin,
Soft and fluffy hair, thick wire type hair

Ultra Red White Shampoo Recommended for oily skin

A 32x concentrated deep red shampoo recommended for dogs with oily skin and dull coats. Contains strawberry ingredients to remove excess sebum while retaining moisture and jojoba oil to add shine to hair, highlighting white and red hair. The red shampoo is said to have the effect of protecting the skin from UV rays, and is extracted from the lipstick tree, which is a member of the Asperaceae family. Lipstick Tree is an organic dye that is also used in edible gum and candy, so it is safe for your dog.
component:Jojoba, strawberry, aloe, vitamins, etc.
subject:White hair, red hair, brown hair, wire type hair, oily hair

Doctor Aloe Shampoo Recommended for dogs with rough skin and dandruff

A 32x concentrated green shampoo that is suitable for all types of coats and especially recommended for dogs concerned about rough skin. A shampoo that removes dirt and has conditioning effects. Since it is rich in aloe gel, you can expect quick results for your dog with rough skin or dandruff. The green color is extracted from aloe vera, and it has a gentle scent and is the most popular among all Kelco shampoos. A generous amount of aloe gel smoothes rough skin and nourishes it. It's also great for removing yellow and gray stains, dirt, and food stains.
component:Aloe vera, rosemary, vitamin AE, etc.
subject:Wire type hair, dry hair, sensitive skin, rough skin, heat rash, heavy dirt