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K9 Sport Sack AIR 2 Blue

¥9,460 JPY - ¥9,460 JPY
K9 Sport Sack AIR 2 Blue
K9 Sport Sack AIR 2 Blue
¥9,460 JPY - ¥9,460 JPY

Rucksack to carry your dog

This is a backpack-type carrier for dogs that was born in the United States. You can use it in areas with a lot of foot traffic or as a carrier when your dog gets tired. It is also recommended in case you need to evacuate during a disaster and it is difficult to have your child walk. It has undergone various updates since its release, and is a model that has evolved to be easier to use and safer.

how to use

1. Open the front zipper and put your dog into the backpack.
2. Pass the front foot through the hole.
3. Close the zipper and securely tighten the straps on each part.
4.Adjust the shoulder straps and chest straps after carrying it on your back.

About size selection

With your dog standing up, measure the size from the floor to the dog's collar and choose from the sizes below.

[XS] Approximately 25cm to 33cm
[S] Approximately 33cm to 43cm
[M] Approximately 43cm to 51cm
[L] Approximately 51cm to 58cm
*Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs (approximately up to 13 kg)
*K9SportSack AIR and AIR PLUS have the same body size.