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Julius IDC Harness Blue

¥3,300 JPY - ¥6,600 JPY
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Julius IDC Harness Blue Julius IDC Harness Blue
Julius IDC Harness Blue
Julius IDC Harness Blue
¥3,300 JPY - ¥6,600 JPY

Easy-to-run design Recommended for dog breeds that exercise a lot

The sportier and lighter IDC Power Harness is easy to run in, so it is recommended for active dogs who like the outdoors and dog runs.

Popular dog equipment manufacturer mainly in Europe

Julius is a dog equipment manufacturer based in Hungary, and when it was first founded, it manufactured and sold dog equipment for police dogs.
Therefore, our products are created based on the experience of Rottweiler and G Shepherd trainers.

High-performance harness that fits your body

The IDC Power Harness has a shape that fits your body, and it is very easy to put on and take off as you don't have to raise your legs when putting it on.
This harness is popular among ALPHAICON users as it is easy to use even when wearing clothes.