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Hero Disc Yellow

¥1,540 JPY - ¥1,540 JPY
Hero Disc Yellow
Hero Disc Yellow
¥1,540 JPY - ¥1,540 JPY

High visibility color with ALPHAICON logo

Original disc with ALPHAICON logo. We chose a color that is highly visible for your dog.
There is a space on the surface with the logo where you can write your dog's name.

Easy to throw and suitable for a wide range of dog breeds

We chose a size that allows people with small hands, such as children and women, to hold it firmly.
It has strong straightness and can be thrown with light force. It can also throw discs at high speeds, making it especially recommended for fast dogs.

Hero disc used by many competitive organizations

Hero discs are used by many organizations in the disc dog world, including AWI, which has adopted them as their official discs.
We have a track record as the largest manufacturer of human discs, and our flying performance has earned us the trust of players.