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ARTERO mix spray

¥3,520 JPY - ¥3,520 JPY
ARTERO mix spray
ARTERO mix spray
¥3,520 JPY - ¥3,520 JPY

A versatile care spray with a mix of functions in one bottle.

Detangles pilling, suppresses the formation of pilling, provides UV protection to protect the coat from ultraviolet rays, suppresses static electricity, and makes brushing easier. This is a care spray that combines various functions into one bottle. It can be used whether the coat is wet or dry. The finish after care is non-sticky and fluffy.

Minimize the burden on your dog with short-term care

It's very easy to use.
After basting (shampooing), towel dry and spray this product from a distance of 15 cm. After that, brush it, wait 1 minute and let it dry and your care is complete. Care can be done in a short time, minimizing the burden on your dog! Also recommended for older dogs.

ARTERO, a long-established manufacturer with a history of over 100 years

Artero was founded in Barcelona, ​​Spain in 1909 and has been developing and manufacturing pet care and hygiene products for over 100 years. The pet division currently operates in more than 35 countries in Asia, Europe, America, and Oceania.