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【新商品情報】RAIN DOG GUARD 2024年限定モデル6/27発売

[New product information] RAIN DOG GUARD 2024 limited edition model released on June 27th

The ground, grass, sand, and rocks that you can touch outdoors.
Introducing the multi-colored RAIN DOG GUARD, made up of earth colors that represent the elements that make up the earth.

The theme of this color block is "ELEMENT."

A special edition featuring patchwork of original colors inspired by nature that have been proposed over the past few seasons.
The RAIN DOG GUARD is truly valuable in the outdoors, as it resonates with nature and provides the best possible activities.

We breathe new life into old materials by reusing them, and explore new possibilities for the relationship between your dog and the outdoors.

[Limited sale at ALPHAICON online store]

This product is exclusively available at the ALPHAICON online store.

Sales start: Thursday, June 27, 2024 0:00AM
*As this item is only available for sale online, there is a purchase limit of three items regardless of size.

Color: MULTI

Material: Body 100% NYLON Rib 100% POLYESTER

Sizes: S, SM, M, ML, L, 1L, LL, 3L, 4L, XL, 1XL, 2XL, DXM, FPM

Functions: Waterproof, water repellent, windproof, breathable, waterproof, water resistant, highly breathable, windproof, water repellent, stretchable 3-layer material


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