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【新商品情報】ALPHAICON × Sayuri Nishikuboコラボ商品6/8発売

[New product information] ALPHAICON × Sayuri Nishikubo collaboration product on sale June 8th

Illustrator "Nishikubo Sayuri" x ALPHAICON collaboration items will be available on Saturday, June 8th It will be sold in direct stores first (sales at the official online store June 13th (Thursday) 0:00AM~

The collaboration products include popular summer items such as the "Dry Knit Tee" and "Summer Cooling Neck", as well as matching T-shirts and tote bags that pet owners can wear.

[Dry knit tee ALPHAICON x Sayuri Nishikubo]

Available in two colors: WHITE and BLACK.
The back is printed with a graphic designed by Nishikubo Sayuri.
Comes with a special pin label designed specifically for this item.

The clothing is made from UV-blocking material that protects against ultraviolet rays and also has moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, making it ideal for walks in spring and summer.

Dry knit tee ALPHAICON×sayurinishikubo
Sales start: June 8th (Sat) - June 12th (Wed) 2024 Direct store pre-sale June 13th (Thu) 2024 0:00AM ~ Official online store Color: BLACK / WHITE
・Sizes: 14 sizes in total: S/SM/M/ML/L/1L/LL/3L/4L/XL/1XL/2XL/DXM/FPM
Material: Body: 100% polyester
・Function: UV protection, quick-drying

[Summer Cooling Neck ALPHAICON x Sayuri Nishikubo]

A collaboration item from Summer Cooling Neck, a high-neck cooling wear brand.
An original design with a hand-drawn border pattern printed all over.
The piss name is a special design made for this item.

It thoroughly cools the neck area and has heat and UV protection properties.
If you add water, it will become even cooler due to the evaporative cooling effect.

Summer Cooling Neck ALPHAICON x Sayuri Nishikubo
Sales start: June 8th (Sat) to June 12th (Wed), 2024 Pre-sale at directly managed stores
June 13th, 2024 (Thursday) 0:00AM ~ Official Online Store
Color: BLACK
・Sizes: 14 sizes in total: S/SM/M/ML/L/1L/LL/3L/4L/XL/1XL/2XL/DXM/FPM
Material: Body: 100% polyester
Features: quick-drying, UV protection, heat insulation, cool to the touch

[ALPHAICON x Sayuri Nishikubo T-shirt and tote bag]

It is printed with the same graphics as the dry knit tee designed by Nishikubo Sayuri.

Dogs and their owners can enjoy matching outfits with matching T-shirts.


-Size: 3 sizes available: S/M/L
Material: Body: 100% cotton

【tote bag】


Nishikubo SayuriGraphic Designer/Painter
Born in Mie Prefecture in 1988. Expresses a wide range of worldviews in monochrome, from simple line drawings to abstract art. Has been active in a wide range of fields, from advertising and package design to exhibiting works both domestically and internationally.

Collaboration item catalogue is here

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